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Dru Yoga Teacher Training Postgrad Refresher - May 2022

22 May, 2022


80% off the Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course

 Would you like to refresh your Dru Yoga Teacher Training and earn all your CPD  Personal Development points for the next two years?
With our new online yoga teacher training course starting on 22 May, you can refresh your training for only £499 (80% off the tuition price of £2,736). 



Course Fee total - £499

Registration Fee

There is one off non-refundable registration fee of  £49.90 to register

Tuition fees

There are 9 monthly payments of £49.90 to spread the cost

or you can pay the balance of fees in full £449.10


Please click the BOOK NOW button to make your registration payment.  When that has completed you will be taken to the next stage of setting up your monthly subscription or paying the balance in one lump sum.



Sunday, May 22, 2022 - 10:00
Sunday, May 14, 2023 - 18:00
Lawrence Stroud Dru Yoga teacher training student testimonial
Japanese Accupuncturist, Whitby

Firstly, what a professional bunch you all are there at Dru! The love, enthusiasm and dedication put in by the tutors and support staff was hugely impressive - never in 50 years have I been on such a good, well done, well thought out course with such enthusiastic and caring people - you make me realise how bad a lot of the courses I have been on were! A hugely liberating and affirming life experience- the air almost crackled with the positive energy of the tutors, support staff and students. I felt a foot taller, twenty years younger and brimming with energy!!

avatar rockface
A relaxing and friendly atmosphere, nothings too much trouble. The experience allows you to develop but also give something back. The retreat gives you tasters of all different things: Yoga, Meditation, relaxation, chanting, good food, new skills. Loved the location and the friendship
Testimonial default avatar image
IT manager, Wolverhampton

It has inspired me to be more disciplined with my practice and in addition, to think more deeply about its effect on me at all levels; I’ve learnt so much! The course has also enabled me to continue the process of unwinding, freeing up and reaching out to life!
I have gained more knowledge – I feel more confident. It’s given me a much wider vocabulary to take students into other koshas, to vary my teaching and experiment more.

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