Live Class: Celebrating Movement |



Live Class: Celebrating Movement

6 October, 2023
(Registration open till October 2023)

A very dear member of our team recently had a hip operation that had complications which left her fighting for her life.

The first message she had for the world once she awoke was, ‘move your body in a loving way every day because you never know when it won’t work anymore.’ 

This monthly class is about celebrating our ability to move, doing it joyously and together; thanking our bodies that serve us everyday and allow us to experience life on this magical planet. 

Much too frequently we can be self-critical, for many reasons. Perhaps that our body doesn’t bend the way someone else’s does. Or isn’t as strong as that person’s. Or that it gets tired easily. In these classes you are invited to see life through Monica’s eyes, to move your body like you were moving it for the first time, and to love it deeply.

Prices and Booking

You have a choice of prices...

Option 1 £10: if you are blessed with abundance, thank you
Option 2 £9: much appreciated, thank you
Option 3 £8: this is great, thank you
Option 4 £7: if this is what you can manage, no worries, thank you

Time 8.00am - 9.15am

Each of these sessions accrue 1 CPD point for DPN members.



Friday, October 6, 2023 - 08:00
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Photographer, Hebden Bridge
If you want to press stop, feel more gratitude, give more and open your heart to a bright and happy existence, the DYTT is a place to make a start. Be inspired, work hard and make it happen
avatar dandilion head
Yoga teacher, Crewkerne

What I'll take from today's yoga postgrad workshop:- A found it a very holistic day. Sharing the teaching of postures with the others was very useful and I loved the Salutation to the 4 Directions. As usual, great resources and excellent teaching from Anne & Padma. Thank you.

avatar butterfly on clover
Dru Yoga & Meditation teacher, The Netherlands
The Spirituality of Yoga helped me to focus what is important to me in my life right now. My heart knows the path I wish to follow. With the practices I felt my distractions melt away and I felt myself expanding consciously. Exactly what I was looking for.

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