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Masterclass - How to make your face-to-face yoga teaching successful

19 July, 2023
(Registration open till December 2025)

The Yoga of Teaching Face-to-Face

Are you a yoga teacher who has recently made the transition from teaching online to face-to-face classes, or are wishing you had more confidence to make the move to F2F?

Or maybe you just want to boost your current in-class face-to-face teaching skills?

Join us for a transformative 60-minute masterclass, led by renowned Dru Yoga expert Andrew Wells. In this empowering session, you will gain the skills and knowledge to confidently take your online teaching expertise back into face-to-face venues such as village halls, one-to-ones, and gyms. And if you're already teaching in-person, you'll gain a great suite of insights to add to your teaching.


  • Discover how to adapt and thrive in physical yoga settings, connect with your students, and create a supportive and inspiring atmosphere.
  • Regain confidence in teaching yoga face-to-face after transitioning from online platforms.
  • Develop effective communication skills to engage and connect with students in physical settings.
  • Adapt online teaching techniques to create a seamless and impactful experience for in-person classes.
  • Discover strategies to handle challenges specific to face-to-face yoga teaching.
  • Enhance your energetic presence as a Dru Yoga teacher, creating an empowered and 'gathered' class experience.

Who Should Attend: This masterclass is designed for you as a yoga teacher. It will be great if you have recently transitioned from online teaching to face-to-face settings and want to boost your confidence and effectiveness in physical environments. It will also help you adapt online teaching skills to create a seamless and engaging experience for in-person classes. And if you're already teaching in-person, it will deepen your ability to retain people and create an supportive and empowering environment.

Whether you teach in village halls, gyms, or offer private sessions, this masterclass will provide you with valuable insights and practical tools to excel in your face-to-face teaching journey.

 Andrew Wells: With over 30 years of experience in the field of Dru Yoga, Andrew Wells is a highly respected teacher and trainer. His passion for yoga and meditation, combined with his deep understanding of human potential, enables him to guide practitioners towards personal growth and transformation. Andrew's warm and engaging teaching style inspires students to cultivate self-awareness, resilience, and a profound connection with their bodies and minds.

If you are a member of the Dru Professional Network you will be able to accrue one 'Personal Development' CPD hour for attendance at this masterclass. Attendees from other yoga schools will need to check individually for their own CPD credits.

Before the event start time, you will receive an email with the link to the event.
After the event your link will appear in your account under 'Online Events'.  

Please allow 24 hours for us to get the replay ready for you.
If you didn't manage to get to the live event, you can watch it at your leisure afterward by going to the replay.

Live CPD 60 min class and ongoing access to your recording

Price: £25
1 CPD point

£12.50  for DPN members and Dru Yoga Online Studio members - please ensure you are logged into to receive the automatic discount


Wednesday, July 19, 2023 - 19:00
Avatar blue sky and cloud
Coach, Hebden Bridge
Having recently had open heart surgery I was hesitant to as to what yoga I could do. Dru has just proved to me that it is accessible to all. Thank you
avatar dandilion head
Estate agent, Plymouth, Devon, UK

I really enjoyed being amongst like-minded yogis. I enjoyed the moving posture work as it's not often I do postures I tend to do EBR[s or sequence work. I enjoyed the sequence this afternoon. I absolutely love all of these workshops and they keep me connected, both with new yogis and in my own body and mind. There was. very good mix of exercises, things to think bout and contributing verbally.

avatar shoreline
The Netherlands
The Algarve retreat gave me the best gift – to finally believe in myself. I enjoyed walking on the beach every morning to watch the sunrise – to be so close to the sea was wonderful. I loved working with the Dru teachers and appreciated the mentoring sessions – I felt I let go of a lot of personal issues. Thank you!

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