Masterclass: Kosha meditation - Secrets to Inner Strength, Intuition and 'Holding the Space' |



Masterclass: Kosha meditation - Secrets to Inner Strength, Intuition and 'Holding the Space'

6 September, 2023
(Registration open till December 2025)

Inner strength, loving yourself and profound intuition. 

In this very potent masterclass, we aim to help you build rapport and create remarkable yoga and meditation experiences for yourself and your classes. It's designed to give you an inner strength, confidence and charisma that attracts more people to your classes, therapy sessions or groups. We aim to help you have the emotional, mental and pranic strength to feel you are living your purpose as you get back into classes or work after the summer.

We'll be guiding you through the hidden keys of Dru Yoga's Inner Fire sequence in the higher koshas, as well as leading you into a meditation journey to build your strength in each of the five layers of awareness - physical, subtle energy, emotions, understandings and connected consciousness. 

The Inner Fire sequence is one of the fastest ways to transform painful emotions into positive, and at the higher koshas it opens you to the original feeling of rock solid inner love and a profound, wise, inner confidence.

From there, we'll experience a meditation journey to build your intuition, and the inner character required to 'hold the space' for your own transformation as well as for any group of people - family, friends, colleagues, students. 

Others can sense this instinctively; it's one of the great secrets that attract people towards you as a teacher, a friend, a caring support. 

Andrew will be drawing on his experience of teaching meditation and yoga in the war zones of the world to clear the turbulence that prevents us from revealing our inner strength. He'll be leading you through techniques tried and tested in most of the world's major cultures. Why do they work so well? Because a few micrometers below the skin, we are all human beings, spiritual beings on a human journey. 

Ruth Boaler will be adding her insights from 30 years with the NHS as a senior physiotherapist, and as course leader of Dru Yoga Teacher training courses throughout the UK. 


Live CPD class & recording

Duration: 60 minutes

Standard price: £27

DPN & Online studio members: £13.50

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Wednesday, September 6, 2023 - 19:00
Dru Yoga teacher training testimonial, Leisa
Actress, Y Felinheli

I have found a new inner strength that I thought I had lost forever, a renewed sense of confidence in myself, and a joy in life, in nature, in the ‘little’ things. I know when things get tough I will be fine. I can find a quiet and safe haven inside myself which is there always.

Avatar daffodil
Administrator, Newport

A great confidence builder/giver. A place to feel loved and nurtured. I felt the benefit I gained from working with others was fundamental and invaluable to the start of my learning process.

Avatar blue sky and cloud
Finance Manager, St Ann's Chapel, Cornwall, UK

I enjoyed all of this workshop, but particularly EBR3 and the flowing tree. My overall impression was that this workshop was great; very peaceful and as a complete beginner, easy for me to do.

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