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Fully booked—Yoga, sound & mantra retreat

26 February, 2016

Your voice reflects your unique personality. On this weekend you will discover your own resonant tone and develop a personal practice to help you to find your full vocal power.

You will learn how to improve your listening skills, essential breathing exercises and discover the principles of resonance and sacred sound. You will experience group singing sessions, flowing Dru Yoga and the uplifting power of chanting, as well as a refreshing walk in the countryside—all together an inspiring and relaxing weekend.

Prices & booking

Price includes tuition, food and accommodation.
Ensuite room: £336 shared

Contact & info 

01248 602900




Friday, February 26, 2016 - 17:00
Sunday, February 28, 2016 - 14:30
Yoga at sunrise - testimonial photo
Saltash, Cornwall

Both workshops complemented each other well and were relaxing, inspiring, friendly, open and enjoyable!

Jamie, Age 16, Thatcham
Age 16, Thatcham

I’ve never felt so happy in my whole life.

Dru Yoga teacher training course testimonial
Scientist, Coventry

The course has been so inspiring to me as an individual who was simply interested in yoga at the beginning. I have learned so much from the tutors and my peers and hope to share my learnings with lots of other people in my classes. The depth of the experience has been immense and has developed my passion for yoga philosophy and has made me want to learn so much more- consequently have signed up for my next course already.