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Yoga, meditation & ayurveda

Join us for courses, tasters, workshops, retreats, and therapies. We hope they'll help you transform your life and so go on to change our world. 




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Nigel Murphy, Dru Yoga teacher trainer


Management trainer

Dru Yoga has completely changed the way I approach my life, my work, my attitude to people. It has truly been a journey of self-discovery.

How is Dru different?

Dru attracts many people because anyone can do it, regardless of age, body shape or ability. Dru is a graceful and potent form of yoga, based on soft flowing movements. It is deeply relaxing, yet rejuvenating. It can take you to any level of fitness you’d like, improving your strength, flexibility and building core stability. 

Dru specialises in integrating your body, mind, and spirit, helping you to positively transform how you think, how to keep your emotions uplifted as well as how to revitalise your body. You will always feel great when you do Dru!

Our Dru Yoga teachers will help you to strengthen your body and calm your mind resulting in a happier and healthier you.


Students who practise Dru Yoga share the benefits they experience

> better energy levels
> improved sleep and reduced anxiety
> more flexible joints and strength
> healthier backs
> improved digestive function
> lower blood pressure
> greater clarity and focus
> breathing problems such as asthma                            significantly improved​

What does Dru mean?

Dru comes from the Sanscrit word Dhruva, which refers to the stillness that can be experienced in Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation. From this point of stillness, we see and act from a point of clarity and inner calm.

Dru is for YOU

So whatever your age and ability, Dru Yoga, Ayurveda, and Meditation will suit you. You will have fun, meet like-minded people and leave the stresses of the day behind. So, roll up your mat and come along!

Dru Yoga

Yoga classes

Dru Yoga classes are renowned for their empowering, supportive and friendly atmosphere - and they're fun! Dru aims to cater for all body types, from super fit to super-everything-else! And most importantly, it aims to give you a warm inner certainty that you are in charge of your life, your health and your world, along with a brilliant time relaxing, de-stressing and recharging. You can find Dru Yoga classes throughout Ireland here.  


Yoga workshops

We run Dru Yoga workshops throughout the year. Come along for a great taste of how to reap the many benefits of Dru! See our workshops here Dru Yoga workshops >


Yoga teacher training 

Want to earn a living doing what you love? Or add a potent string to your bow in your current profession as a therapist, manager, human resource professional... or countless other professions? Or simply take your ability to manage yourself in our complex world to amazing new heights? Then Dru Yoga teacher training could be one of the greatest ventures you undertake in your life. See our next teacher training course here Dru Yoga teacher training >



Ayurveda workshops and retreats

Discover how the ancient science of Ayurveda can add so much to your life. We regularly run workshops and amazing Ayurveda retreats in our glorious mountain retreat centre in beautiful Snowdonia. It's just 3.5 hours by train from London Euston... what's stopping you?


Ayurveda certificate and diploma courses

Want to add Ayurveda to your career? Or to your personal health programme? Discover this remarkable science in-depth with us on our Ayurveda certificate course or Ayurveda diploma course in our glorious Snowdonia retreat centre. 


Dru Meditation - mindfulness in heart and mind

Meditation workshops and retreats

Are you ready to walk into a world in which meditation's many benefits are yours? From a complete overview of the art of mindfulness, through applied meditation techniques in every field of life, to sublime experiences of lasting inner brilliance... meditation is available to everyone, even if you thought 'you'd never be able to meditate'! Allow us to show you how to slip into meditation with ease... 

Browse our meditation events here meditation workshops & retreats >

Meditation teacher training

Become a highly accomplished meditator and - if you want - discover the incredible experience of teaching meditation to others. Teaching meditation and mindfulness is one of the fastest-growing health and wellbeing fields. And not only that: it's an experience like no other. To sit in front of a group of people and watch them discover their inner greatness is truly one of the most rewarding and life-enhancing experiences you can have. Browse our meditation teacher training courses here Meditation teacher training >

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