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Ayurveda Certificate course

Ayurveda Certificate course

Ayurvedic Certificate Course

An in-depth working knowledge of Ayurveda which you can easily apply to your life to stay healthy, calm and balanced.

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Every living thing is made up of the 5 elements

They manifest as the doshas; vata, pitta and kapha

What is Ayurveda

According to the ancient healing science of Ayurveda, every living and non-living thing in the Universe is made up of a combination of 5 basic elements – Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Our human body is also made up of these 5 elements in various compositions. They manifest in the human body as 3 basic principles or subtle energies known as doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

  • Space + air combine to form Vata 
  • Fire + water combine to form Pitta 
  • Water + earth combine to form Kapha

Everything outside of us affects what happens inside us

Bringing our doshas into balance enables us to function at our highest level has humah beings.

We are affected by everything around us

This is why everything outside of us can affect what goes on inside of us. We can be so affected by the food we eat, the herbs or supplements we take, what we drink, the seasons of the year, the environment around us, even what type of exercise we do and therapies we have, have a particular type of impact on our body, mind and emotions.

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Design your life

Become the highest version of yourself

Knowledge of the doshas

Knowledge of the 5 elements and the 3 doshas is essential in order to lead happy and healthy lives. When they are in balance, we are able to function at our highest level as human beings. By understanding the positive and negative aspects of each element and dosha, we can design our life in such a way that we can live the life we want to—healthy, happy and fulfilled.


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Knowledge of the 5 elements

Essential to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life

The course contents

1.    Ayurvedic nutrition 

  • History of Ayurveda
  • The 5 elements
  • The 3 doshas (find out which dosha you are)
  • The 3 gunas
  • The 20 gunas
  • Vata, Pitta and Kapha in-depth
  • Food plans for vata, pitta and kapha (and how to adjust a menu according to the needs of different doshas)
  • How to correct imbalances through diet
  • Faulty food combining
  • Agni and ama

Nutrition for your dosha

Learn how to adjust a menu to suit the needs of different doshas.

Correct imbalances through diet

Learn about faulty food combining

2.    Ayurvedic lifestyle and herbs 

  • Agni and ama (in-depth)
  • Different types of agni in the body
  • Ama pachana (simple detox the ayurvedic way)
  • The dhatus and the process of digestion
  • The healing power of herbs and spices (your kitchen is your medicine chest) 
  • How to correct imbalances through lifestyle
  • Dinacharya (a daily routine to keep you vibrant)
  • Seasonal changes
  • Prana, tejas and ojas

Delve into the amazing world of Ayurveda

Find out more about the Ayurvedic Certificate course ....

Chandra Goswami - Director of Dru Yoga and Meditation, Dru Yoga North

Attune with nature

Live the life you want

3.    Subtle aspects of Ayurveda 

  • Yoga for the doshas
  • The 15 subdoshas in depth
  • Simple tongue diagnosis
  • Subtle healing with colours, gemstones, metals and essential oils 
  • Practical - cooking your ayurvedic meal for the seasons
  • Attuning with nature

4.   Meditation and mantra

  • 6 stages of disease
  • Simple pulse diagnosis 
  • Panchakarma
  • Ama pachana revisited 
  • Overview ayurvedic therapies 
  • Sound therapy for the doshas 

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