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Ayurveda Health Coach diploma

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Ayurveda Health Coach diploma

Ayurveda is a 6,000 year old therapeutic system that aims to maintain the health of body, mind and spirit.  There is a huge resurgence of interest in this ancient science. Now is the time to embark on this extraordinary journey, one that can turn an interest in natural health into an awakening of consciousness or even a career.


Become an Ayurvedic Health Coach

This Diploma course is more than just a practitioners’ course. You will learn how to ‘coach’ someone to their full potential of health and well-being, helping them to understand and make the correct choices for their unique constitution, mind-set and passions in life.  Ayurveda recognizes that, for true health, it is just as important to help someone realize their inner nature or their authentic self, as well as eat correctly and follow an appropriate lifestyle.


Hands in heart shape with sunlight shining through

Coach someone to their full potential

Help them to realise their authentic self


A holistic approach to health

Ayurveda shows us that the natural elements - such as the warmth and light of the sun, the air we breathe, and the mineral and plant substances - have an immense therapeutic value.  Intelligent use of these gifts of nature, combined with a wholesome diet and a positive mindset, contribute to a healthy and fulfilling life.  Its holistic and integrated approach to health will allow you to reconnect with your original self and so remain energised and centred.  In our busy world we have lost our connection with natural rhythms. our working day now flows into the night as electronic devices stay on late and we travel across time zones at high speed. Ayurveda provides the tools to help you manage these ever-changing, ever-moving lifestyles. You can optimise your health and wellbeing on every level.



Become a confident health coach

By the end of the course you will have the clinical and nutrition skills to help you clients to optimize their health and happiness.

Overview of the course

We walk you through every stage of the process so by the end of the course you will feel confident in your clinical skills (observation, questioning, tongue and pulse diagnosis, designing treatment plans ...) and nutrition skills (not just knowing what foods and herbs are beneficial for constitutions but translating that to actual recipes and meal plans for your clients).



Dru therapies

A holistic and integrated approach to life

Reconnect with your original self

Course content

  • Historic background
  • Vata, pitta and Kapha
  • Stages of life
  • The organs of the body
  • How the seasons and the times of the day affect the doshas
  • Lifestyle recommendations for each season Beneficial therapies for vata, pitta and kapha
  • vata, pitta and Kapha in-depth
  • The 20 gunas
  • Creating dosha pacifying recipes, food and meal plans
  • Therapeutic skills
  • How to apply the Ayurvedic principles of cooking and meal-planning to European dishes
  • Therapeutic recipes and cooking for vata, pitta and kapha Ayurvedic foot massage
  • creating an Ayurvedic assessment form

Ready to get started ...

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The 7 Kalas Dhatus

  • The disease process
  • Malas
  • Srotas
  • The practitioner’s scope of practice
  • Prana, Tejas & Ojas
  • Ayurvedic treatments

How to run an Ayurvedic business

  • Specific diseases and their treatment herbs & spices
  • Science of pancha bhuta vidya
  • Ayurveda and Yoga
  • Ayurveda and the mind
  • Sound therapy

Entry requirements

Completion of the Dru Ayurveda certificate course and a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology.


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