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Dru Dance - Masterclass - 23 September 2020

23 September, 2020
(Registration open till December 2021)

Introducing Swadharma Dru Dance

This taster session of the powerful and deeply symbolic yoga dance called Swadharma (living your true purpose). It encompasses not just Virabhadrasana 1, 2 and 3, but also a “bowing warrior”, the reverse warrior and several mudras to enhance specific energy awareness.

Each warrior pose has a unique alignment and has layers of hidden depth to explore. You’ll also hear some of the stories behind the archetype of The Warriors of ancient mythology and discover how you too can participate in your very own hero’s quest.

In this Yoga Dance workshop, which was pre-recorded at Dru's online retreat on 20th Septemeber, Anouschka will take you through a strong posture based flow that will help to open and align all your energy centres as well as bringing dynamism, passion and energy into every koshic layer. 

Exploring the full dance will need a bit more time, and so in this session we will cover a 'phrase' or part of the dance. If you would then like to learn the whole dance, perform it to music and explore its symbology in depth, Anouschka will be offering a series of 4, 1 hour mentoring sessions on Zoom between now and Christmas. Come along to find out more or download this info sheet >


Live hosted, pre-recorded 90 min class & access to recordings

Price: £30

£15.00  for DPN members & Dru Yoga Online Studio members - please ensure you are logged into druyoga.com to receive the automatic discount


Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 19:00
avatar calm sky and sea
The Spirituality of Yoga was a great course, very inspirational and also quite practical. And it was perfect to raise the mind above the worries and problems linked to the world situation. I certainly want to carry on with the follow up and can’t wait for the next one.
Avatar daffodil
Biomedical Scientist, Chester

Snowdonia is a great place to start your journey. The tuition and support team of previous students are so motivating that you feel totally supported in achieving your own goals.

Testimonial default avatar image
Sound Therapist, France

This course has been an amazing adventure. Teachers with wide spectrum of qualities, bringing you into guided meditations, breathing, asanas and EBRs. A 14-day journey to inner peace, letting go and allowing to transform. The most beautiful gift you can give to yourself. Thank you Dru!

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