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Jalaram Squires


Executive chef, herbalist

Keith is executive chef at the Dru Centre in Snowdonia in North Wales, and we're eagerly awaiting his forthcoming cook book, 'Cooking with Love'. Keith devises and oversees the culinary and nutritional delights at Snowdonia Mountain Lodge for Dru course and retreat participants throughout the year.

His passion for feeding people began at age 9, bringing his 'delicious' cakes, breads and pasties to school. His schoolmates joined in and soon they were swapping cakes and recipes during the lunch breaks, raiding mums’ cookery books in the evenings and growing vegetables on the school grounds.

Keith is a qualified herbalist, travelling widely, offering exclusive and engaging detox and nutrition and Ayurvedic retreats and courses throughout the UK and abroad.

His highly popular and hilarious blog, keithonfood.com, is packed with free resources.


Articles, blogs and products

4 February, 2017
Cooking with Love
Keith Squires ‘Cooking with Love’ means just that—turning an everyday activity into something magical. More than a cookbook ‘Cooking with Love’ takes you on a journey through the history of food—the origins of ingredients, their... Read more...
2 April, 2020

Easy Recipes for the Whole Household
Here are a couple of recipes to lend a helping hand to everyone who (like me and Samia) are staying at home. As it's not so easy to restock your cupboard these days, I've started filming these quick and easy cookery lessons in our kitchen... Read more...
29 March, 2018
Fats and oils - the good, the bad and the ugly
Knowing which fats and oils to eat (and which to avoid) has become ever more confusing. There have been so many different opinions having been expressed over the last few decades. We thought you'd enjoy reading the section on fats and... Read more...
5 February, 2017
Doshas in the supermarket - vata
Whenever we talk about Ayurveda, pretty soon the topic of the three doshas comes up - vata, pitta and kapha.  Keith Squires, Dru Ayurvedic nutritionist, takes you on a journey through the doshas… via a supermarket trip! But first, what's... Read more...
6 February, 2017
Doshas in the supermarket - pitta
Continuing our exploration of the doshas, we join Keith Squires again, on your favourite supermarket trip. This time we are looking at the pitta personalities and their coordinated style of shopping. As we found in our study of vata in ... Read more...
9 February, 2017
Doshas in the supermarket - kapha
Join us on another journey to the supermarket whilst we discover the world of kapha, with the fantastic Keith Squires! Last but not least, we take a look at the slow but patient kaphas as they make their way around the supermarket.... Read more...