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Doshas in the supermarket - pitta

Continuing our exploration of the doshas, we join Keith Squires again, on your favourite supermarket trip.

This time we are looking at the pitta personalities and their coordinated style of shopping.

As we found in our study of vata in last post, one of the best places to see the doshas at work is the supermarket! So your trolley trip need not be a meaningless chore, it can be made into a fun activity. It's not hard to spot pitta dosha customers as they move around the store, but as with vata last time, the more interesting part is at the checkout till.


Organised Vegetables

This will be much more of a highly organised military style operation.

The main thing is their shopping list. It will be carefully planned, it may even be written in the order that things are displayed in the store. The pitta customer moves efficiently through the aisles sticking to the plan, with few impulse buys.

The only thing that can go wrong is other people.

There may be some kapha types with bellies resting on their trolley handles slowly moving along the store. Pitta types will overtake like a black BMW car in the fast lane. Unfortunately, there are no set rules in a supermarket aisle. People go on either side of the lane, suddenly stop to chat, uncontrolled children run around. The other obstacles are vata shoppers, moving fast and erratically, forcing the pitta shopper into emergency stops.


At the check out the pitta shopper will try to pick the best queue.

Unfortunately, just for fun the universe will place an out of balance vata shopper or very slow kapha in front of them. At this point our pitta customer moves from their noble qualities of determination and efficiency into anger and irritation. They will invariably become quite critical, ‘why aren't the airy customers more organised or the earthy ones quicker!’ This can soon turn to complaining, as the fiery pitta customer attempts to reorganise everything in their favour.Veg in basket

A common pitta request is to 'see the manager'. In their mind there is always someone to blame, someone who’s fault is it. Various suggestions will be put forward, like; 'Why doesn't that staff member, who is just talking, open another till!’

So are you an organised pitta shopper? Or do you take your time like a kapha?

More to come, keep an eye out!

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