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Mouli MacKenzie, Senior Dru teacher trainer, Dru Centre, Snowdonia

Dru Yoga

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Dru Yoga

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Dru Yoga

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Invisible Wheels (3): Manipura


I like to think of the Manipura chakra as our POWER centre. Located above the navel and below the diaphragm in the solar plexus region of the body, it is often called the solar centre.

Sometimes it is called the jewelled city or the lustrous gem. For those who see the colours of their chakras, we are moving from the orange of swadhisthana to the bright yellow of manipura. 

Whenever it is out of balance we may experience any of the following:



Helen Chawner - Dru Yoga teacher, therapist and support tutor


I love that my yoga training has enhanced so many areas of my life. I had this feeling before I started the course that something was missing...

I trained as a Dru Yoga teacher about 11 years ago. Since completing the Dru Yoga teacher training I have felt more present and have a deeper understanding of myself; my practice continues to help me trust in the process of life unfolding in a positive way.



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