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Jane Saraswati Clapham

How Dru Relaxation and Nidra work

Jane and Andrew explore the advantages of Dru Relaxation and Nidra - in depth!
Discover how it boosts your physical body, as well as putting your pranic and emotional bodies back into the flow of life. When you cease being activating to your body-mind system it begins to relax back into its natural state. And within that you have access to the natural currents of life force and vitality throughout body, emotions, mind and soul. 

Spirituality of Yoga & Sangha - Level 2 - Launch


Discover the Spirituality of Yoga - Level 2

Andrew and Jane give you an introduction into the experience of the Spirituality of Yoga and then a discovery of what's coming up in Level 2. 

You'll learn about 'bhava sampatti', the state of emotional excellence and far far more, in which you discover the secrets of being in 'flow' state, and connecting to the soul essence in everyone.

And so much more! 

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