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Dru health tips

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A volunteer's experience of the dru centre


I spent two months at the Dru Yoga Centre in Snowdonia, Wales and I can say those two months were life changing…

As a volunteer I worked in Dimensions health food shop in Bangor and in the accommodation office reception. Working in the health food shop gave me loads of new opportunities to learn new skills  and gave me chance to experience a working environment that I hope one day I can reproduce in my own business ventures.


Health tips - weight loss


Health tips - weight loss

There are as many weight loss plans and theories as there are people eating!! This health tip looks at  – the gut or small intestine (5 metres long). This is the primary area of impact; the place where all your food arrives in preparation for distribution! The more relaxed this organ is, the better our ability to absorb food. The more easily we absorb food, the greater the amount of nutrients that enter the body and the less we need to eat in order for the body to feel nourished and satisfied. In other words – relax and you will naturally eat less!


Health tips - enjoy a daily health tonic and increased wellbeing


Health tips - Enjoy a daily health tonic and increased wellbeing

Let me introduce you to chyawanprash – an ancient Indian elixier.

The history of chyawanprash

It is believed that the formula of chyawanprash was discovered by the sage Chyawan or Chyavana. He was the first to prepare this tonic, and used it to regain his own youth and longevity. Charak Samhita, the ancient Ayurvedic treatise written by sage Charak in the 4th century BC, contains the first historically documented formula for chyawanprash. According to this ancient text, chyawanprash is "the foremost of all ‘rasayanas’ or herbal formulations.


Dru Yoga tips for life - The system of success


The system of success

In the yoga tradition, there is a system of success known as the 4S's. If you including them as part of your life plan, you will have the key to having an energised, centred, joy filled experience and living within every moment.

  1. Seva – the power of service to others
  2. Sangha – the benefit of association with like minded people
  3. Satsang – the power of sharing and communicating in a way that empowers
  4. Sadhana - The power of a strong personal spiritual practice

Health tips - Boost your immune system


Boost your immune system

Happy Christmas to you all – yes, there it is, we have said it. We have joined the yule-tide festivities!

This time of year brings all kind of gifts – the ones we enjoy and the ones that may not be so pleasant. As I walked into the office this morning – there it was - I met a friend, full of cold!!! Yes, here we go – we enter the influenza season – watch out everyone!! So what better gift can I give you than to remind you to boost your immune system now! The first thing is to invite you to enjoy the Inner Fire sequence – this will keep your digestive system strong and keep those colds away!


Dru Yoga - Sacro-lumbar release


Dru Yoga - Sacro-lumbar release

This month we have chosen to share one of the most powerful ways to keep your lower back and spine healthy, flexible and aligned. It is called the Sacro-lumbar release. This sequence is best used as a preventative to back pain, rather than when you are in the acute phases of back pain. If you do have an existing back condition, please do go gently and build up your strength and extent of the movements when you are more comfortable.



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