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A volunteer's experience of the dru centre

I spent two months at the Dru Yoga Centre in Snowdonia, Wales and I can say those two months were life changing…

As a volunteer I worked in Dimensions health food shop in Bangor and in the accommodation office reception. Working in the health food shop gave me loads of new opportunities to learn new skills  and gave me chance to experience a working environment that I hope one day I can reproduce in my own business ventures.

Working in reception gave me another set of experiences. It really helped me build up my confidence and improve my people and communications skills. In general I helped around whenever I could and did a few odd jobs here and there: I worked In the kitchen, I cleaned the pond, I even helped put up Christmas decorations. Everything is quite relaxed and the work is very enjoyable. There is always something popping up to do which makes things interesting.

Other than working I got to meet some fantastic people. Every single person that is involved there has a wonderful star inside them and even if you meet someone for a brief moment they will have given you a bit of that star light. I made many new friends and each and every one of them has helped me and inspired me on my journey.  Conversations I had with individuals that I didn’t know so well were actually life changing for me, also the love and support I received at the centre was endless and still carried on even after I had left.

Actually the lovely thing about it is that even though there are people coming and going all the time, there is always someone around if you need anything.  People took time out of their day to connect with me and even have little adventures.

Last but not least, excluding the work and people, the area is breath-taking. I had plenty of free time to go on amazing hikes and walks, I even went to the tip top of Snowdon mountain. It’s great because you get to experience mountains, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and even the sea is only 30 minutes away. I truly got to connect to nature in a unique and wonderful way, that really helped bring some calmness and peace to me. Also I got to visit a couple of towns around the area and visit some great castles.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to volunteer or even go on one of the courses, it couldn’t be more worth it. Hannah

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