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Anahata Namaskara - The Infinite Power of the Heart

17 October, 2020
(Registration open till October 2020)

Discover the beauty of the Anahata Sequence with its potent mudras & graceful movements!

Anahata Namaskara is a stunning Dru Yoga sequence that strengthens and opens the heart. With the infinite power of the heart you can achieve almost anything. 
The heart chakra acts as a natural link between the material and spiritual aspects of our lives. Through the lower chakras we experience the material world and our emotions; the higher chakras connect us with our spiritual essence.

Anahata is the energy centre of balance that integrates the physical and the metaphysical. Here we enter the domain of love, compassion, harmony, peace and acceptance. Meditation on the heart chakra connects us with our innate joy. 

Sample from the Anahata Namaskara manual

Anahata means ‘unstruck’ and refers to the divine sound which isn’t caused by two objects striking together, but arises spontaneously in deep meditation. This name also means that the deepest essence of the heart chakra is not affected by our ever changing emotional states. This profound source of love and compassion is said to be inexhaustible. So all we have to do is keep opening ourselves up to it. 

Bonus - Receive an Anahata video filmed on a beautiful beach by John Kovacs

Prices and booking

Date: 17 October 1.00-5.00pm
Prices: $90 full and $72 for DPN.

For those on the Dru Professional Network, this retreat will also add 2.5 personal development CPD hours.


Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 13:00
Dru Yoga teacher, West Yorkshire

As a qualified Dru Yoga teacher, I thought I had a good understanding of asana and the koshas - which of course I did, but the APD course has taken that level of understanding and more importantly my personal experience of my yoga practice to a different level.  

The course took me on a journey through the koshas in a way that not only increased my awareness of how I experience asana but also how to use asana to reshape my experience.  With the support and guidance of the tutors, I was able to revisit the asana I previously avoided which has contributed to my body being stronger and more flexible than at any time since my twenties - and I now love to practise those asanas.

Emotionally, it has helped me process difficult emotions such as grief and shown the way to change self-limiting beliefs.  For me, the real gift of the course was the tutorials which became the foundation for building a supportive sangha of wonderful yogis which continues to exist.  It was during these sessions of deep personal sharing that our fantastic tutors were able to share further their incredible wisdom and answer the many questions that inevitably spring forth in any process of swadhyaya - I highly recommend this course!

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Retired, Swansea
The Spirituality of Yoga course was like receiving a beautiful gift.Thank you to all the tutors involved for such a wonderful experience. 
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Retired IT Manager, Derbyshire

The Advanced Practioner course has dramatically increased my awareness of the impact of movement and postures at each of the kosha levels. My practice is now much richer. I have a new toolkit to manage life's challenges. I am much more aware of the koshas in everyday life and have become a witness of reaction, behaviours and motivations. I know have a choice whether to accept these changes or redesign them if necessary.
As a yoga teacher, the course has developed my skills in using language to enrich the practice for students.

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