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Food for your soul

Bhagavad Gita with Rita


Nourish your heart

Dru Golden Eagle Sequence at sunrise on the beach


Light for your heart

Global Ambassador of Light - optional pre-course meditations


Discover the power of connectedness. Join Andrew Wells & Annie Jones in a series of preparation meditations for the Global Ambassador of Light training on 11 June. These profound techniques take you on a journey through the world of prana, in all its aspects! Discover the prana of self-love, of connecting, of resting in the still lake of life, and of healing and vitality. Eventually, walk through the doorway of the diamond point of radiance within.


Reconnecting to new possibilities


Just before I started yoga teacher training, I was at cross-roads in my life. 

It was September 2016 and I had just re-prioritised my life and moved cities to be close to loved ones. I remember one particular day so well. I’d arrived in a rush from the office job that I was doing at the time. I sat myself down and took a deep breath. It was visiting time at the hospice where my mum was being cared for, and you never knew quite what to expect. There were tears, sometimes roaring laughter and usually frank words.


Fortnight for Light on Earth - thanks!


Thank you for your meditations for peace!

In this time when the earth seems to be spinning into a new phase of uncertainty, join Andrew for a few moments of thanks for your love, as well as a beautiful description of how your Inner Wisdom will always guide you to actions that are inherently fulfilling. 

We are celebrating our meditations for peace near the culmination of the Fortnight for Light on Earth



How was your Summer?


What were the highlights of your summer?

Remembering our highlight moments does more than just give us a buzz. It actually plugs us back into the reality of who we are, giving us a boost that's way, way more than just a few chemicals.

How does this work? Let's explore!



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