Ayurveda weekend retreats

Ayurveda weekend retreats

Enjoy learning about Ayurveda in the mountains of Snowdonia National Park. Learn how Ayurveda can benefit your own health and wellbeing at every level. Enjoy fascinating workshops, walking in the mountains, delicious food and the company of like-minded people. You will go home with a health plan that will make the benefits of your weekend retreat last forever.



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Yoga, nutrition and detox retreat

the ideal introduction to Ayurveda


Yoga, nutrition & detox

Treat yourself to a weekend of relaxing dru yoga, nutrition workshops and healthy cooking that will give you vital energy all year!

Create your personal health plan
Create a personal health package by learning how to maintain balance through food and lifestyle changes. Experience the benefits of yoga and learn natural cleansing methods. Gain essential knowledge about your perfect diet and discover how to increase its nutritional content. This retreat provides the ideal introduction to the ayurvedic retreats.                                                         BOOK NOW >


Want to look good and feel young

What better way to discover the secrets for a healthy and happy life than in the beautiful retreat centre in the midst of Snowdonia.

Look good and feel young
  • Discover your constitution type 
  • Balancing detox yoga 
  • Superfood cookery demonstration 
  • Walks in nature 
  • Dru Yoga and relaxation
  • Castor oil packs and other home therapies
  • Tutor's blog

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Truke Blindeman

The Netherlands

This week was incredibly fantastic. I did not only reload my body energy and unwind my mind about any worries, but I totally felt like I had an uploaded bubble-bath! With this experience Dru makes it much easier for me to bring the techniques into my daily life. Thank you for the amazing way you take care!


Ayurveda tailored for you

Welcome to the wonderful and fascinating world of Ayurveda! This introductory weekend will give you a practical understanding of Ayurveda which you can then use to keep yourself and your loved ones happy, healthy and vibrant.

How do you make sense of a vast variety of health information that is often contradictory? Ayurveda offers a logical way forward. This traditional natural healing system from India focuses on diet, lifestyle, yoga, meditation and natural therapies, and like a compass it can give you the direction you need to take in your life.                 



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