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Posted on 2 January, 2018
For many of us it’s been a challenging year. We’ve seen political turmoil, economic uncertainty and environmental instability and it's easy to feel depressed about the state of the world.  Yet what really happened? And where are we headed? As yogis we try to look at every situation with an open mind. And the facts are rather surprising – when we examine the actual data, many aspects of the world, from violence to poverty, health to energy production, are actually improving. Knowing this might do more than make your heart feel lighter. It could help you feel more inspired to make a difference to the world.  It turns out that by historical standards our world is living through the most peaceful, healthy, safe and compassionate time in history. Not only that, neuroscience has shown that... more
Posted on 8 March, 2017
Embrace flow  One of my favourite principles of life is that change is the only changeless law. One way to accept the outward changes at this time of year is to make our body more flexible. In Dru Yoga, we use side bends to increase our mental flexibility and openness to change. These movements from Energy Block Release One are a great way to experience this? Side bends to create inner flexibility Breathe in and raise your right arm sideways until the hand is overhead, keeping your right hand slightly in front of your shoulders, just on the edge of your vision. At the same time position your left hand in front of your lower abdomen, palm uppermost. Lengthen your spine on that inbreath. On the next out-breath, bend to the left, moving from the base of the spine. As you bend the spine,... more
Posted on 1 August, 2015
We happily go out into the open and nature to appease the dogs in our lives (well we do it, even if we're not happy about it), but actually it's also vital for our own full health and wellbeing. Here at Dru, we try to get out and about for a walk every day – read on to find out why! 1. Lift your mood Simply by heading out for a 20 minute brisk walk your body starts to release endorphins – or the ‘feel good’ hormones. This then helps us to feel positive about ourselves and our lives and enthusiastic about our day ahead.
2. Get fit Brisk walking is also beneficial aerobic exercise for helping to promote weight loss. By getting out and about you are naturally using more energy and therefore helping to use up any extra calories from that sneaky packet of crisps!   3. Get a... more
Posted on 9 July, 2015
In a world seemingly obsessed with success, both material and personal, it is easy to become overwhelmed by external and internal pressure to do, achieve and succeed, even in the world of yoga and personal transformation. If you find yourself confused about the direction to choose or are experiencing conflict between your heart's intention and the material world, then practice this Dru Meditation and begin to develop the art of being. How many times have you heard that life is in the journey and not the destination, and how many times have you forgotten these often spoken words of wisdom? Yet it is one of the truths of life that a life lived in the destination often never arrives. The allure of a salary, papers published, jobs achieved, promotions etc can be so strong for our egos that... more
Posted on 9 July, 2015
Grief can be experienced for many reasons; the loss (loss of a loved one, of physical wellbeing, of material comfort, of an expected future, of innocence or loss of a close relationship). Grief deposits in layers through our awareness and can surface months, sometimes years after the loss occurred. It is not a sign that you are regressing, going mad or what you have been doing for your mental health hasn't worked, it is just that the next layer is ready to be released and you have worked your way a little further down through the layers. Today's Dru Yoga tip for life is all about releasing that grief. The first step in releasing grief is allowing it to be there. Our first reaction is often to try and stuff it back in from wherever it came, but the grief will just keep surfacing until we... more
Posted on 9 July, 2015
This week's Dru Yoga Tips for life focuses on the Gesture of Inner Security from the Dance between Joy and Pain. It will bring both a feeling of inner security and a positive feeling of warmth for everyone around you. Read on if this seems like a great idea ... If you are comfortable with the Deep Yogic Breath from tip #8, do a few rounds until you feel calm and centred. Otherwise spend a few moments noticing your breath moving in and out of your nostrils. Ideally, it would also be good to do a quick tense and relax through your body so your system is feeling relaxed.   Gesture of Inner Security Interlock all your fingers into clasped hands Close your eyes and hold for at least one and a half minutes Focus on building security within yourself. It's great to do this gesture whenever... more
Posted on 9 July, 2015
Are you so busy in every moment, with thoughts of what you need to be doing next - next hour, day, year .... that you lose your sense of balance and direction? Today's Dru Yoga tip for life is a simple yet effective way to help you step back from the rat race and become a human being rather than a human doing. Get out in nature Go out in nature and stand among the trees. Look at the sky and then look at the earth. Stand in the mountain pose, see Tip 5: feeling poised between the heavens and the earth. Fill your vision with nature: look at it as if for the first time: take in every detail. Smell the air around you: fill your nostrils with nature's fresh, earthy scent. Listen to what is happening around you: birds, insects, leaves rustling with the breeze... Carry this awareness with... more
Posted on 9 July, 2015
Sometimes, do you wake up in the morning and already you have that feeling inside you recognise as anxiety? Or in the middle of the day, you've been super busy and things are starting to overload you - you begin to feel anxious? Wouldn't it be great to have a technique in your toolkit that can help ease those feelings of tension in your chest?  This Dru Tip for life, EBR 3 Soothe, combines two movements from EBR 3 (Energy Block Release  3) to do exactly that: soothe anxiety, open your heart and ease the tension in your chest. They can be used independently or together for a more profound effect. Find a comfortable place to sit or stand, so that your spine is erect and your neck and shoulders relaxed. Anahata breath - soothing, calming and relaxing With your arms at chest height, palms... more
Posted on 9 July, 2015
Sometimes we know we just need to balance out painful emotions? Or, physically, we feel a tightness in our chest. This week's Dru Tips for life will help you to stretch out the chest, release tension there and help you to release and balance these feelings and sensations. The Heart expansion breath from the Dru Meditation online course opens your chest, realigns your body, expands your breath, helps to activate lymph drainage, boosts your overall feeling of well-being and brings calm to your mind - all in just a few minutes. So, why not try it today! Contra-indications If you have heart problems, don't raise your arms above your head. Consult your doctor before doing this movement if you have recently had heart surgery. Heart expansion breath Practice the breath slowly and with... more
Posted on 9 July, 2015
Sometimes all tools and techniques your have mastered seem to desert you and the light seems to have disappeared. It can happen to anyone, even for those of us who have done many hours of practice and 'mastered' many tools; suddenly the toolbox is empty. This week's Dru Tip for life has been written precisely for these times - Let the beauty of life rest in your heart. To look out and simply be with the beauty of life is one of the most soothing yet effortless tools for lifting the darkness and allowing some light to penetrate your inner fog. Follow these simple steps to bring yourself back to the light. Stop. Look up and out - you may like to look out of your window, step outside, or find a beautiful picture and place it above your normal line of vision. Lift and open your chest,... more