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Wake up the Ayurvedic way

Did you know there's such a thing as waking up at the perfect time each morning for your unique constitution (dosha)?

Ayurveda and Yoga both believe that how you wake up, as well as when, is crucial to experiencing a vibrant, stress-free, energised and purposeful day.

So tomorrow morning, before you jump out of bed and dive in to your day (or reach for your phone!), maybe take just 5 minutes to focus yourself.

Take 5 deep breaths...

  1. With the first breath, breathe in to your physical body (annamaya kosha) - feel your abdomen rise, lungs expand and clavicle rise as you breathe in, and feel them relax as you breathe out. Focus just on the physical movements of expansion and contraction.
  2. On the second breath, breathe in to your subtle body (pranamaya kosha) - this time as you breathe in, imagine your breath expanding beyond the confines of your body to 2 to 3 feet around you, and then as you breathe out, draw your awareness deep inside the body and imagine the breath full of vitality (prana) circulating throughout your entire body through your bloodstream.
  3. With the third breath, breathe in to your emotional body (manomaya kosha) - on the in-breath, breathe in the quality of joy (or whatever positive emotion you need for that day), and on the out-breath, imagine it infusing the whole of your being.
  4. With the fourth breath, breathe in to the intellectual part of your mind where knowledge and wisdom resides (vijnamaya kosha) - as you breathe in, affirm to yourself, "I am so grateful for this beautiful day full of energy, fun, positivity and joy!" and as you breathe out, repeat the affirmation.
  5. And finally, with the fifth breath, breathe in to that all-knowing part of yourself, your Higher Self (anandamaya kosha), and think - "Who can I give to today?" or "Who can I share my love and care with today?"

Try this 5-minute technique every morning for the next 21 days and see what a difference it makes. Have a great day!

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16 May, 2019
25 Sep, 2018
Wonderful! Thank you!
5 Apr, 2018
Camilla Nova
what a beautiful way to start the day - thank you for that magnificent suggestion... but what about not leaving us in suspense, and telling us the perfect time to wake up for each of the doshas... maybe sleeping in is perfect for me ??? haha... thanks heaps :-)