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Tired after a long day? Try Anouschka’s top tips.

For most of us, a long day on our feet or concentrating on a computer screen can leave us feeling drained and exhausted.

Coming home tired night after night can lead to unhelpful habits as we attempt to nurture ourselves with the wrong things. Sure a glass of wine and your favourite TV programme is nourishing - but every night? This month, why not try a bit of movement to restore your energy and then use your time to do all those things you’ve always wanted to do!


  • DO have a shower - wash away the day and start your day again!
  • DO go for a walk round the block - walking activates the kidney meridian point called “the bubbling spring” - it’s literally the source of all your energy!
  • DON’T - munch on comfort food or take away - try a smoothie or a fresh veggie juice to keep you going till dinner time.
  • DO put on your favourite music and MOVE! You can move slowly and build up - or really go for it! Air guitar rifts are especially good…
  • DON’T - slob out in front of the TV - but lying down is actually a really good way to restore your energy. Take yourself through your favourite guided relaxation or simply lie on the floor with your feet up the wall.
  • DO book ahead for a yoga or fitness class - have something to look forward to
  • DO eat nourishing, healthy foods. Eat a balanced meal with steamed greens/ veggies.
  • DO have a great plan of how you want to use your free time - what have you always wanted to do if you only had the time and energy? 

Tired after a long day? Try Anouschka’s top tips.

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