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Dru Yoga and the Ayurvedic approach to health

Ayurveda Yoga Villa, Kerala, India - from Chandra Goswami, senior Dru Yoga teacher trainerChandra Goswami introduces you to Ayurveda's cellular health - literally, from the inside out! 

Some of you may know that I’m here in India, in the Southern state of Kerala. We are perched up high in the Nilgiri Hills (or India’s Blue Mountains) on the edge of a stunning forest. It took a mere 3 hours and 11 hair pin bends to arrive here after our flight landed at Calicut!

It’s been a fascinating journey learning about the Ayurvedic approach to health. I’d like to share a couple of things I’ve learned after my first week. I hope they may be helpful to you:

Each kosha is a major factor for the governance of our health 

In Dru we learn about the koshas as being our 5 layers of being. These are the:

- physical or annamaya kosha

- energetic (relating to Prana) or pranamaya kosha

- emotional or manomaya kosha

- mental or vignanamaya kosha

- pure and innate state of joy or anandamaya kosha. 


Kosha means layer or literally ‘peel’ and can be understood as different layers existing one within the other. 

The koshas express themselves at macro and micro levels - down to our cells. This means that our cells not only experience physical and physiological processes but are also affected by our feelings and thoughts.  So, it’s a great practice to observe how we feel and what we think, as we become what we focus on. This has implications on our health!

Every cell records significant times in our lives. 

We know that energy can become blocked in our body - this is one of our main Dru principles. Such blocks are usually created through our life experiences - particularly challenging ones. If we are unable to resolve these in one way or another, they will most likely show up as some kind of physical discomfort or disease. 

According to the Ayurvedic doctors here, disease isn't only a physical phenomenon and toxins (a causative factor in disease) can be created through blockages at all the koshic levels.  So, when we reach for those cures - whether natural or allopathic - it’s also useful to know that our state of physical discomfort could also be related to a thought or emotional habit pattern that may be hiding inside us somewhere. 

It’s all food for thought. Health is perhaps a larger picture and enters deeper levels than we may realise. Of course, not everything may be explained by a singular model. However Ayurveda recognises the importance of our koshas and how through yoga, meditation and other practices that include mantra, mudra, a conscious diet and periods of detox, we can begin the journey to greater health at all levels. 

The great news is that disease - or dis-ease - is manageable.  A crucial ingredient in this is a sense of purpose and fulfilment. Whilst living a balanced lifestyle supports our health, it is those moments where we feel glad to be alive and just love what we’re doing in the moment that adds a powerful extra dimension.

Finally, using an affirmation such as the one below can only help you increase your belief in deserving the healthiest body ever!  So keep affirming the positive and enjoy. 

 “I choose to live with radiant health, a fulfilling purpose and a wonderful outlook on life. I am grateful for the miracle of each day.”

If you’d like to join us for more on learning how to create greater control over your health, look out for our upcoming workshops next year. 

With warm wishes and good health to you!


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