Using the Triangle posture to get back in touch with your self |


Using the Triangle posture to get back in touch with your self

What if your mind could reach the shores of your body and turn your consciousness inward,  to explore the true experience of Dru yoga? Then the Extended Lateral Triangle pose is one way to bring this into reality for you.

yoga-pos-triangleWe stand on them every day, yet can be surprised by how much we take our legs for granted. It’s easy to forget their power and grace, especially if you have bad knees or tight hamstrings or aching feet. I have found that during those times when you’re feeling disconnected from your lower half, Trikonasana (triangle pose) can help bring you back. Before you know it, you’ll come to crave this elegant, powerful pose. I know because it happened to me. Its one that can bring you back in touch with your self.

This posture combines many elements in one posture. It builds strength and steadiness in the legs and feet, creates magnificent expansion and space in the torso as the arms and legs reach outward, and cultivates sama (evenness) in the body. Just a fresh breath of air and you have it at your finger tips.

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And as you balance the effort between your arms, legs, and torso, your state of mind becomes steady and even as well. This is truly a magnificent posture to add to your daily regime - try it and let me know what happens.

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