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Posted on 7 June, 2020
Utterly fascinating, water is the most extraordinary element... you’re aware of the food you’re putting in... but what about the quality of your water?

Posted on 31 May, 2020
To do lists can get a bit overwhelming. Discover my top tips for making your life more organised and not overwhelming!!!

Posted on 24 May, 2020
Every single person Oprah interviews asks the same thing once the camera stops rolling.... was that ok?
How much are we giving our power away by seeking external validation?... more
Posted on 23 May, 2020
Lalita explores the nature of light in our lives, and looks at a beautiful translation of the Gayatri mantra. She suggests practical ways that we can spread light in the world, by the love we show others and the words we choose to speak to them.
Posted on 28 April, 2020
Posted on 27 April, 2020
Reduce stress by doing one thing at a time! Jane reminds us of the song from the film brother sun sister moon, which reminds us to do few things but do them well. 

Posted on 26 April, 2020
A great technique to help you clear away the ‘stuff’ from your energy field.

Posted on 21 April, 2020
Posted on 18 April, 2020
"The last freedom of humanity is to choose our attitude in any given circumstance" - Jane takes inspiration from Victor Frankl to help us find how to choose our own attitude and manage our own emotion amid the stresses of this time. She shares some fantastic mudras for letting go and finding courage. 
Posted on 18 April, 2020
Just in case you’re suffering from anxiety or overwhelm at this time, Jane will share her tips to keep fear at bay and to build our courage and belief in ourselves.